Albert Labs

Innovative mental health medicines for patients with unmet needs

Albert Labs (CSE: ABRT) is a bio-pharmaceutical company on a mission to transform the mental health landscape. They’re dedicated to pursuing licensing approval for active compounds from natural sources and providing effective prescription medicines for individuals grappling with mental health disorders. Our partnership with Albert Labs began in 2020 as they geared up for their public listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

Enhancing Branding and Investor Communications

Our primary goal with Albert Labs was to improve their branding and investor communications, particularly as they prepared for their public listing. We embarked on a comprehensive project that included refining their brand image, creating engaging videos, drafting compelling press releases, and redesigning their website. In addition, we took charge of managing their social media pages. Our team developed a strategic content plan to boost engagement and grow their audience across various platforms. Each piece of content was meticulously crafted to resonate with their target investor and reinforce Albert Labs’ commitment to pioneering mental health solutions.

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Increased Brand Visibility and Engaged Social Media Audiences

The results of our partnership with Albert Labs have been highly encouraging. Our branding and communication efforts have helped Albert Labs present a unified and compelling brand image to potential investors and the general public. The videos and press releases we developed played a crucial role in their successful public listing, effectively communicating their vision and value proposition to potential investors. Additionally, the website redesign enhanced user experience and accessibility, making it easier for visitors to understand Albert Labs’ innovative work. Our strategic social media management resulted in significant audience growth across all platforms. The engaging content we created sparked conversations about mental health and highlighted Albert Labs’ pioneering role in this space. In summary, our collaboration with Albert Labs exemplifies how Paused Perception can empower companies to effectively communicate their vision and value, driving brand visibility and audience engagement. We look forward to continuing our journey with Albert Labs as they break new ground in mental health solutions.

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