Caerwys Agricultural Show

Transforming the Caerwys Agricultural Show: A Case Study in Brand Revitalisation, Digital Enhancement, and Record-Breaking Attendance

The Caerwys Agricultural Show, nestled in the heart of Flintshire, is a cherished annual event run by a dedicated committee of volunteers. A celebration of rural life and community spirit, the show features traditional agricultural competitions, trade stands, and entertainment for visitors of all ages. Despite its enduring popularity, the Caerwys Show faced some significant challenges. Its branding lacked a distinctive and consistent identity, and its website was basic, offering limited functionality and little appeal to modern digital audiences. The absence of an online payment system on the website posed a barrier to smooth operations, making ticketing, trade stand bookings, and competition entries cumbersome and time-consuming.

Ushering in a New Digital Era for a Time-Honoured Traditional Show

Recognizing these challenges, Paused Perception stepped in to breathe new life into the Caerwys Show’s branding and digital presence. We started by developing a strong, unified brand identity that resonated with the show’s rural roots and community ethos. This new branding was then incorporated into a complete redesign of the website, transforming it from a basic digital presence into a vibrant, user-friendly platform. To streamline operations, we integrated an online payment system into the website. This facilitated e-ticketing, trade stand bookings, and class entries for hundreds of different competitions, significantly improving the efficiency of these processes. In addition to revamping the website, we crafted a comprehensive social media strategy to enhance the show’s online visibility and engagement. This included regular, engaging posts across multiple platforms and targeted advertising to reach a wider audience. We also curated and designed multiple forms of print media for out-of-home marketing, including posters, flyers, and banners. Furthermore, we organised sponsorship for the day programme, bringing in additional funds and enhancing the profile of the event.

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A Digital Transformation Triumph in Tradition

The work done by Paused Perception has had a transformative effect on the Caerwys Agricultural Show. The new branding has given the show a distinctive identity, making it more recognizable and appealing to both regular attendees and new visitors. The redesigned website, with its enhanced functionality and user-friendly design, has significantly improved the online experience for visitors and participants alike. The integration of an online payment system has streamlined ticketing and booking processes, making it easier for people to attend and participate in the show. The social media strategy has boosted the show’s online visibility and engagement, attracting a broader audience. Meanwhile, the print media designs and sponsorship organisation have increased the show’s profile and helped secure its financial future. Most notably, these combined efforts resulted in record-breaking attendance at the show, with more visitors, competitors and trade stands than ever before.

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