Energy Oasis

Marketing and Digital Communications Strategy and Execution for a Holistic Energy Management Company

Energy Oasis, a holistic energy management company based in North Yorkshire provide a comprehensive suite of services spanning energy reduction strategies to renewable energy generation. Despite their robust service offerings, they found themselves grappling with challenges that were hindering their growth. First, their lead generation efforts were not producing the desired results. Second, they struggled to communicate their wide array of services effectively to potential clients. These challenges were stifling their growth and preventing them from reaching their full potential.

A multi-pronged approach: social media communications, website redesign, pitch deck development, grant writing, and lead generation.

Our mission was clear: revamp Energy Oasis’s lead generation strategy and enhance their online presence and communication efforts. At Paused Perception, we believe in bespoke solutions. For Energy Oasis, this meant a weekly execution of tailored tasks designed to address their specific needs. We create and curate engaging social media posts and design graphics to accompany them and we have rewritten and redesigned all of their case studies and sales material. We redesigned their website with a focus on user experience and SEO and implemented a robust lead generation strategy. Our technical background has enabled us to assist them and their clients with grant writing, such as the North Yorkshire Shared Prosperity Fund for decarbonisation initiatives and an Innovate UK grant for a novel community energy initiative.

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Increased Reach, Enhanced Engagement, and Boosted Web Traffic

Our collaboration with Energy Oasis yielded impressive results. On LinkedIn alone, their reach amplified from 1,000-5,000 people per week to 30,000-50,000 (across the company page and the CEO’s profile – we manage both), with peaks at 100,000. We have doubled their web traffic, written and published 2 articles on the company in local papers, average 100 new followers a month and continue to see positive returns from their updated sales pack and our marketing efforts. Our partnership with Energy Oasis is a testament to Paused Perception’s commitment to driving growth, enhancing visibility, and igniting success. We look forward to continuing our journey with Energy Oasis, propelling them towards greater heights.

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