KV Hotels

A Canvas of Culinary and Cultural Experiences

KV Hotels is a dynamic hospitality group based in Verbier, Switzerland. Their portfolio includes a diverse range of restaurants and bars, each offering a unique ambiance and experience. From the Indian small-plates restaurant Gunpowder Verbier to Alp & Horn – a premium pub with a mountain view, Ice Cube – a favourite après-ski bar, and King’s Bar – a popular bar on the high street, KV Hotels curates unforgettable experiences for locals and tourists alike. In addition, they’ve shown resilience and adaptability by launching pop-up restaurants during Covid and expanding their offerings with Macbirch Wines, a boutique wine shop.

Weaving Visual Identities and Building Trust

Our journey with KV Hotels began in 2019 with the branding of Gunpowder Verbier. The project’s success led to a deepening of our professional relationship, as we took over the branding and graphic design for their weekly events, menus, and more. We also developed the branding for their pop-up restaurants and crafted marketing materials for their venues, creating a cohesive yet distinct visual identity for each one. Over time, we’ve become their trusted partner for all visual communications. As the Alp & Horn brand expands, so too does our work with KV Hotels. As of Summer 2023, we are taking over all marketing and web design for this premium pub, marking an exciting new chapter in our partnership.

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Amplified Brand Presence and Unified Visual Communication

Our collaboration with KV Hotels has resulted in a strong and harmonious visual identity across all their venues. Each establishment now boasts a unique brand image that aligns with its specific offerings and atmosphere, yet ties back to the overarching KV Hotels brand. Our expanded role with Alp & Horn is set to further enhance their visibility and engagement. As we take over their marketing and web design, we anticipate driving increased traffic and customer interest. In summary, our partnership with KV Hotels exemplifies Paused Perception’s ability to understand a brand’s unique essence and translate it into compelling visual narratives that resonate with customers. We look forward to continuing our journey with KV Hotels as they expand their offerings and reach new heights in the hospitality sector.

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