Meirion Davies

Marketing and Digital Communications Strategy & Execution for an Agricultural Merchant at the Heart of a Welsh Community

Meirion Davies is a celebrated, family-run agricultural supplies company nestled in the picturesque heart of the Vale of Clwyd. With a wide servicing area that encompasses North Wales, North West England, and even further afield, this company has been a trusted supplier for many years. Offering a comprehensive range of products from animal feeds to farming equipment, their commitment to quality and customer service is unparalleled. Despite their rich history and strong reputation, Meirion Davies faced significant challenges around effective communication and branding. Their lack of a consistent marketing strategy made it difficult for them to reach potential customers, and their website did not fully reflect the breadth of services they offered. This situation was further exacerbated by the absence of an online shop, which limited their sales potential.

Paused Perception To The Rescue

Our task of improving Merion Davies communication was multi-faceted. The first step involved consolidating and refining the branding to introduce a consistent visual language across all platforms. To enhance Meirion Davies’ online presence and reach, we developed a comprehensive social media strategy, identifying key platforms where potential customers were active and creating engaging content tailored to these audiences. We then redesigned their website to improve its usability and ensure it was reflective of the brand. To increase website traffic and improve search engine rankings, we write engaging, SEO-focused blog posts. These weekly blogs cover a range of topics, from farming tips to product highlights, providing valuable content for customers and boosting Meirion Davies’ online visibility. Behind the scenes, we have also been meticulously crafting an online infrastructure and advising on in-store workflow, all to curate an online sales experience that is seamlessly integrated and tailored to reflect the unique culture of both the staff and customers at Meirion Davies.

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Enhanced Brand Visibility and Cohesive Visual Messaging

The work executed by Paused Perception led to a marked improvement in Meirion Davies’ online presence and customer base. The clearly-defined visual identity resonated with customers, while the social media strategy increased engagement and reach. The SEO-focused blogs have successfully driven more traffic to the redesigned website, and the online shop is ready to launch to boost sales online. Ultimately, Paused Perception’s comprehensive approach resulted in a stronger, more visible, and profitable Meirion Davies.

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